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Hello families and friends,

As you know and could see, last Tuesday, January 30th we honored World Peace Day in Magnolia. Many of you took part in this iniciative by taking the time to write a beautiful wish or message for peace inside a heart that then we hung from our front door.

For us, peace is something we should be working on everyday and that is why during English class we dedicated a few moments to explain to the children what little things they can do to collaborate with World Peace.

These little things can be sharing a smile, sharing their toys, and respecting each other and their surroundings. Also, each class did a craft to represent World Peace in some way.

The Ocells decorated hearts with red paper to represent love around the world, the Granotes pasted orange stickers on hands that represent tolerance, the Cargols pasted cotton on doves that symbolize liberty and peace. The P1 classes also participated.

The Balenes painted purple fishes and the Dofins colored blue children-like figures to represent tolerance between our people and animals of the world. The Peixos painted yellow happy faces that symbolize the state of happiness and finally, the Cangurs stamped green paint on leaves that represent the value of hope.

Together, we created a beautiful mural of a Rainbow of Peace!

Hope you like it and until next time,

Miss Daniela

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