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Hello families and friends,

Welcome back from vacations and happy 2018! We hope you enjoyed a lot and that you got to recharge your batteries for this new year. We are back to school and with lots and lots of energy!

As you know, TET is new to Magnolia and we are very happy with how much the kids are liking it. Many parents have expressed how incredible it has been for them at home too, that they get to listen to their son or daughter sing new songs, verbalizing new words and showing their interest towards learning English! Mr. Ducky has become the new sensation for all our little ones!

On our first English post, I tried to describe what the TET routine consists of: we sing our “Hello Song”, we review color and emotions and finally, we look out the window to see how’s the weather.

This last part is so incredible, they enjoy a lot playing with Mr. Sun, the cloud and the most fun…the umbrella! I have been wanting to show in video and here it is! For this occasion, we taped the Peixos class for you to see. I promise to have more videos of all classes for upcoming posts!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our TET mural on your way up the stairs…we will be posting pictures, activities and the sign language we are working on.

Until next time,

Miss Daniela


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