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Hello families and friends

“Old McDonald had a farm, e i e i o!”

This last Friday the Ocells, Granotes and Cargols had the opportunity of visiting the El Xaragall farm!!! How much fun is that? We got to see lots of farm animals in a natural habitat and learn about them. Besides that, we were very excited to go on a bus and spend a day outside school.

Guess who also came with us to the farm? Mr. Ducky of course!! Along with him, we sang one of our favorite songs: Old McDonald had a Farm… We saw chickens, a rooster, two pigs, a cow, bunnies, a goose, a horse, goats, a pony and two deer-like animals called “Dainas”.

We gave food to the animals and even got to ride on the pony, Estrella. It vas a very fun and enriching day…enjoy the pictures!!!

Until next time,

Miss Daniela

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