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Dear families and Friends,

Emotions are a big part of our daily activities, and even though they can change during the day, it is very important to teach the children to give them a name so they can understand how they feel.

That’s why we decided to start working with all of our TET material related to them.  Along with our beloved Mr. Ducky came happy, sad, angry, acared, hungry and thirsty.  We ask the children to represent each emotion with their faces, they love it!

We read “The Colour Monster” story, which they all really enjoyed.  This story talks about how we can feel better by sorting out our emotions when we have more than one present at the same time.  This monster relates each emotion with a different color, this way the children can easily express how they’re feeling.

Also, lets not forget about the World Peace Day we celebrated on January, 30th.  With our Cargols, Ocells and Granotes classes we decided to make an arts and craft by painting our hands with different colors and put them on paper.

We want to show the importance of working together as a team and helping each other. They all really enjoyed this activity!!

Until then,



Benvolgudes famílies!!!Ja tornem a ser aquí!!! I començem una nova aventura a les classes de tortugues,  dofins i balenes. Aquests dies estem coneixent els nostres companys, les mestres i els espais de l' escola, també els materials que tenim a...

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