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Dear families and friends,

We are back on track! English classes have started and as you know, we are introducing our brand new method, the TET! The children are loving it, they have been very receptive and are engaging with the new songs, chants and discoveries of the English language through TET.

Let me introduce you to Mr. Ducky, our mascot. He is a yellow duck who likes to sing, dance and do funny things…but sometimes he is shy and we have to look for him when he doesn’t show up to class. “Mr. Duckyyyyyy, Mr. Duckyyyyy, where are you?” we say when we need to call him. Mr. Ducky is always very attentive and helps me when I need it. 

Our morning routine starts off with a warm welcome, we sing our “Hello Song” with Mr. Ducky and then we work on the concepts of weather, emotions and colors all accompanied by their corresponding songs too. Also, we have started to learn the sign language of colors, we practice and review them in every class. It’s incredible how fast we are learning! After that, we work on other songs and chants by performing activites to learn the vocabulary but most importantly, to have fun and enjoy our English Class time.

Hope you like it as much as we are, we will keep you posted on our accomplishments, activites and more! 

Until next time,

Miss Daniela


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