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Dear families and friends, 

To prepare for this special month we’ve been working on some new, very exciting experiments.  With our P1 children we discovered how to make a lava lamp!! By gathering some basic ingredients you can find in your kitchen, we placed them in a jar and waited to see what happened.

Dare to try by using as many colors as you can! We also want to welcome Miss Nuria and Miss Kathy, who are now part of our TET team! 

With our P2 children we also included light, and for this, there’s no better way to do this than with a kaleidoscope! By putting it to the light we saw different colors and shapes made by the mirrors inside.

They then drew what they saw. Without leaving aside that it’s the month of Love, we practiced some Valentine’s Day vocabulary and sang with our friend Mr. Ducky “I Love You” and “Mummy, Mummy”. Our P0 class really enjoyed it too! We’ll continue learning new and exciting things,

Until then, 




Benvolgudes famílies!!!Ja tornem a ser aquí!!! I començem una nova aventura a les classes de tortugues,  dofins i balenes. Aquests dies estem coneixent els nostres companys, les mestres i els espais de l' escola, també els materials que tenim a...

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