We have updated our library!!

Hello families and friends,

English class just turned even more exciting this month! We have updated our library and brought in new visual material for our kids to enjoy.

Please let me introduce you to Blue, Stuart and Bobby, they are our new animal friends! The kids have named them and they will accompany us every day to bring fun and joy to our English classes.

The five little monkeys have also come to stay with our children at Magnolia. “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed…one fell down and bumped his head…mama called the doctor and the doctor said: no more monkeys jumping on the bed!”…. Does this sound familiar? The kids love the song and the monkey puppets!

The books by Eric Carle are always a favorite, that’s why we have incorporated a few other titles by him. Starting March, all of the classes will be learning about the great adventure that The Very Hungry Caterpillar goes through to become a beautiful butterfly, about our body parts with From Head to Toe and about colors, animals and personal identity with The Mixed-up Chameleon.

Also, we will be introducing emotions/feelings with the beautiful pop-up book by Anna Llenas, The Color Monster.

Feel free to sing and read these stories at home too, the children enjoy them very much!

Until next time,

Miss Daniela


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