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Dear families and friends,

As you know, this year we have introduced extracurricular English in Magnolia.

In these lessons we also work with the TET method and children enjoy it a lot. In order not to repeat the same they do during the day, we use the ‘Sky’book, which is full of amazing stories and songs.

During the last week, we have been working on a story that I am sure you are familiar with: ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’. It is about a little spider that wants to climb up a water spout, but she falls down when it starts to rain. However, she tries it again when the sun comes out!

First of all, to present this story we used a big book with beautiful images to help them understand what happened to the spider. Afterwards, we also sang the song, where boys and girls could practise with their fingers the movement of this little animal.

Finally, as we already are in P2, we worked hard on a worksheet where they had to colour the clouds in grey, the rain in blue, the spider in black.

This week Miss Daniela is coming back to school and we are going to show her what we have learnt!!

See you soon 🙂

Miss Laia

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