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Dear families and friends,

How fun is it when our children start to express themselves and tell us about all the things they learn in school?  Well, this month we learned all about the farm animals and how to recognize them!! Not only did they learn their names, but also learned the different sounds they make.

They now know the cow says “moo”, the sheep says “baah”, the pig says “oink”, the chicken says “clok clok”, and so many others.

We thought about the other animals that can be found in a farm, for example, bunnies, goats, horses or even dogs.  Unlike fish, turtles, crabs and dolphins, they know these animals live in the water, so they can find them when they go to the beach, for example.

Some of these animals can be found in our own homes and that is why we must teach them to treat them all with respect and love!!  I’d like to invite you to continue practicing the animal’s names and their various sounds, they will love it!!

Until then,



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