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Dear families and friends, 

Spring is officially here and we were very excited to celebrate it with Easter! We looked for the Easter Bunny and read a fun story about this special day.  Our P0 students painted a big egg with watercolors and discovered some hidden shapes!! Also, our P1 and P2 students had a blast coloring some Easter eggs so the Bunny could hide them later. 

We then made an Easter Egg Hunt in the playground to find them all, and for our surprise, he also left a chocolate egg for each!!

We enjoyed learning about different parts of the house by singing “My Little House” and how flowers start blooming in Spring with the song “Spring is Coming” along with our fluffy friend Mr. Ducky!!.

For our extracurriculars we made a unique card to remember this special day! What a great way to learn about the seasons of the year and new traditions we can keep in the future!!

Until then, 





Dear families and friends,As you know, summer’s here and we enjoy most of our time when going to the beach. This is why we decided to experiment with small worlds where students could feel the sand and discover different objects such as seashells, sea...



 Dear families and friends, Since we already know our parts of the body we decided to learn how the 5 senses relate to them, this is why we decided to make it a "sensory week".  For our hearing we tried loud and soft noises with musical instruments. For...

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