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Magnòlia provides its families with a set of services in order to complement our task in the best possible way while strengthening the relationship with them in our joint work of educating.

Our Own Kitchen

The dining room is an area where healthy habits and fundamental behaviors are learnt.
The school has its own kitchen and daily menus that are supervised by the pediatric service and the school’s Nutritional Advisor. They correspond to the recommendations by the Generalitat de Cataluña for a healthy and balanced school diet.

Aware of the importance of a good health and habits beginning in the early stages, the school has introduced ecological foods such as rice, legumes, pasta and yogurt. At the same time, all dishes are prepared using olive oil. Both during lunch and playground time, teachers will be watching over the children.

Psycho-pedagogical Department

The main goal of our psycho-pedagogical department is to advice families as well as staff on how to walk hand in hand with the children so that they achieve their full development.

The school team consists of a psychologist specialized in the early stages of education (ages 0 to 6), and in the early detection of learning difficulties (as well as other pathologies).

In Magnolia we are always looking for new and better ways to guide and accompany our families. Due to this, we have a Telemedical Assistance Service. It is a 24-hour online service, through videoconference or calls that allow us to be in contact with the Children’s Hospital of Barcelona at all times. Due to this service, our school is always informed and advised about the health of our children.

Pediatric Service

In Magnòlia we are always looking for new advantages and improvements to give our families the best service and quality.

For this reason, we offer a telemedicine service, a 24h online pedriatic assessment service with videoconference or voice call that allows us a quick and direct contact with the Children’s Hospital of Barcelona. Through this service, our school is always informed and advised on the health issues of our children.



The school is open from Mondays to Fridays from 07:00 to 18:30h.

Academic schedule for 0-3 year olds: Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 12:00h – 15:00 to 17:00h.


School is open 11 months of the year according to the calendar of the Academic Department of the Generalitat of Cataluña. School doesn’t close during Christmas or Easter Week. For those families who need our services during summer, we are also open in August.

Swimming Courses

Starting April, we offer I2 students the possibility of taking swimming courses 1 day a week.

During the months of June and July, we offer an intensive swimming course 3 days a week.

Both swimming courses are held in the facilities of the pool of the Colegio Europa de Sant Cugat since it has good facilities and a swimming pool adapted to children of this age.

Our teachers are the companions and responsible for the children that make use of this service together with the specialized monitors of the pool.

School for Parents

Aware that the education of our children is a daily challenge, the School for Parents has been created as a space for families to share experiences, life lessons and to deal with topics that are concerning for the everyday life of our sons and daughters.

School for Parents is carried out by the head psychologist of the school, who is specialized in Early Education. Together, we will look for strategies to better understand the children in their different developmental stages. Also, you will be advised about tools and the means to use with the children to feel confident and guided in your parenting and work to educate.

Digital Agenda

At the school we use the KINDERTIC APP, which replaces the old paper agenda and provides families with more ease and comfort when communicating with the school.

With this application families are informed of all the school’s events and can have an optimal follow-up of the experiences and the evolution of their child in the classroom.

For the Kindertic Platform, families receive informative circulars, a calendar with the planning of planned activities throughout the year (festivities, meetings, departures …), menus, the daily agenda of the day and all the important documentation of that course your child’s school.


For more information: www.kindertic.com

Access by car
It is possible to have direct access to the center’s main entrance so that families can drop off and pick up their children at any time, even when we are located in the center of Sant Cugat. 
Through the Sant Cugat City Council application we can register all the family members’ license plates so you can have access to our center through the pedestrian street.


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