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Dear families and friends,

This month our children met a new friend of Mr. Ducky, the very hungry catterpillar.  Our children are always curious to put a name on things and it’s a challenge to say them outloud, but it is a fun process.

This lovely story talks about how a tiny catterpillar, once it hatches from the egg, can grow and transform into a beautiful butterfly.  However, for the catterpillar to transform, it has to eat lots and lots of food.  But not just any kind of food, healthy food!!

We talked about how fruits can make you grow healthy and strong, and also how delicious they all are!  This very hungry catterpillar loves to eat them, specially the apples, pears, plumbs, oranges and strawberries.

After all these fruits were eaten, he had some more food because he was still hungry and ate cake, pizza, sausage, a lollipop, and many other things that made his stomach ache.  After he was full, he wrapped himself in a cocoon and patiently waited to be transformed into a beautiful and colorful butterfly!

They really enjoyed this story and wanted to get involved on feeding the very hungry catterpillar and themselves too!  I’d like to invite you all to keep practicing and learning at home with your children about all the tasty and healthy food they like to eat!

Until then,



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