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Dear families and Friends,

No matter how old children are, it’s never too soon to start learning our parts of the body such as head, arms, legs, knees, feet and many others.  For this reason during these weeks we focused on this specific vocabulary with our P3 and P4 level students.

Not only did we focus on our body parts, but we also worked with the parts of the face.  For this activity children used our unique “potatoe heads” from TET so they can organize the different parts of the face.

They put the eyes, nose, mouth and ears where they thought each one goes.  It not always turns out the way it’s supposed to, but it’s really fun to compare and see all the different results we can have until they get it done the right way.

With our P4 level children, not only did they organize the face parts, but they worked as a team to draw their full bodies on a paper and identify different body parts later.  We also linked different verbs to each one, for example, we listen with our ears, we eat with our mouth, we jump with our legs, and many others.  They love this activity!

Until then,





Benvolgudes famílies!!!Ja tornem a ser aquí!!! I començem una nova aventura a les classes de tortugues,  dofins i balenes. Aquests dies estem coneixent els nostres companys, les mestres i els espais de l' escola, també els materials que tenim a...

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