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Dear families and friends,

First of all Happy New Year and welcome back to school! During this special month of the year the children had a blast learning all about Christmas.  With our P0, P1and P2 levels we focused more on the vocabulary such as “sleigh”, “snowman”, “reindeer”, “boot”, among others. Not only did they learn about the Christmas vocabulary, but they also learned about the family members to let them know the importance of sharing with them during this time of the year!

All of them really enjoyed singing Christmas songs like “Jingle Bells”, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “Christmas Tree”.  We worked with different flashcards for them to relate with each song and could learn them better!

With our P2 level children, there was a special activity, a Christmas arts and craft.  They painted with color “brown” the papers that were going to be used to build a reindeer!! They also made small balls with red paper for the nose.  The loved this activity and has lots of fun!!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful time and are willing to come back to continue with our amazing programs while learning with our beloved Mr. Ducky, who’s been missing you all!

Until then,

Miss Cristina. 



Benvolgudes famílies!!!Ja tornem a ser aquí!!! I començem una nova aventura a les classes de tortugues,  dofins i balenes. Aquests dies estem coneixent els nostres companys, les mestres i els espais de l' escola, també els materials que tenim a...

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