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We are a nursery in Sant Cugat.

Magnòlia emerges from the desire and hope of creating a nursery (or preschool) based on a comprehensive education and care for children from four months to three years of age.

Directed by Marta Camí since it first opened in September of 2005, it is the result of a long pedagogical experience that began in 1964 at the Magnòlia Preschool in Barcelona, which has created an active, current school with high pedagogical quality and a solid educational project.

We have dedicated more than 50 years to the education and care of children during their first years of life, always seeking to develop and enforce values and following our BASIC TRAITS of our EDUCATIONAL PROJECT or CURRICULUM.

The basic traits of our educational project are: playing with imagination, living with a smile, thinking with the body, speaking through emotions, and growing up in coexistence.

10th anniversary

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